Vintage sans-serif

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I'm not having much luck IDing this sample. Even after straightening it out, turning it black and white and running it through WhatTheFont. I'm sure this will be an easy one for the experts.

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Don't know the original name but I guess you could easily replace it using one of the following: Suitcase Vafle and Purista, Inventory JNL
Some more I like even if the /S is different: Industry HFF, Stratum 2 PTF

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Hi Ryuk, I like your choices. Vafle and Purista both seem good for the letter-forms, but when comparing them with the unedited image, is see Vafle as a heavier weight, while Purista Medium seems pretty close. The best width for a match is tricky because of the slant. To my eye the regular width seems closer than a compressed. A font editor could produce an almost perfect match by sloping Purista Medium to the left by the same amount that Purista Medium Italic is sloped to the right.

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