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Does anyone know any good templates that would work well for creating a good, clean type foundry website, with payment function? Wordpress or similar.

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Can't help directly. Only thing I'd mention, and you probably already know it, is that the "good and clean" notoin is fine, the "template" might give pause for thought. If the website itself is simply a vehicle to distribute products people already want to buy, template is fine. However, if it is intended to aid in sales, that's a different matter.

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Yes, I ment a base I can build on, customize, and make my own. Thanks.

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I was just researching more-or-less this issue a couple of weeks ago. I was specifically looking at e-commerce solutions for WordPress, with priority on ease of implementation, and low-cost or free solutions. So I was looking only at WordPress-based solutions. Don't knock this if you are unfamiliar with it—WordPress is a lot more than just a blogging platform.

My conclusions, based on reviews and ratings:

- if you want the option to do physical goods as well, “Ready! e-commerce” is one of the easiest and best options.
- if you really want to only do digital downloads, “Easy Digital Downloads” is definitely the best thing out there, and easier to use than any of the platforms that also do physical goods. It does one thing very well.

Both offer more features for extra money.

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Thank you Thomas, appreciated!

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Agree with Thomas. I've gone for a wordpress + Easy Digital Downloads solution for Works well.

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