Wacom tablet & fontlab bugs

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I have tons of problem with Fontlab 5.1.2 on Mavericks and my intuos wacom tablet. This is very hard to work with as the tablet does not respond to the commands. When you click a glyphs it would select another. When you click a point it will randomly moves the window space. I know there are some threads around the web talking about these issues. But I cannot find any solutions. Anyone might have resolve these wacom bugs ?

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Maybe upgrade to 5.2?


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I experienced a few times as well. how to shut down and restart FontLab. you have to do is turn off the tab key, so that will not be a shortcut glyps

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there is no upgrade 5.2 for mac, I guess… I didn't found it on the site.

> xy89 : I don't really get your explanation

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Huh. Although the site says 5.1.2 is the latest, I am pretty sure I have a 5.1.4; maybe it was still pre-release and hasn't shipped.

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For me, downgrading the wacom driver to an older version did the trick. I have a different model of tablet, so I guess you have to try the older drivers for yours and see if it works.

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> Jens
I tried this but I guess I went to low :)
I'll tried again with the one before the last released.


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Have no problem with FLS, but I had a lot of strange behaviour of Glyphs.
When I plugged in mouse it worked well. Every now and than when it doesn't jump from magnifier back to cursor, I click mouse end it works. I'm using Intiuos 4.

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