Engravers MT - looking for a full font family with lower case that works like Engravers MT

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My headline is in Engravers MT (not Gothic, St, Regular or Roman, etc.). I would greatly appreciate a suggestion for a full bodied, serif font that would allow me a full paragraph and several weights in sentence case that could substitute out this font. Engravers MT offers lovely, distinguished, old-fashioned serifs that create a vintage feel. I have found Narziss and Promotor, but I think one or two of these are free and have no varying weights, which is key.

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So you want a free alternative to Engravers MT?


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It does not need to be free. Thanks.

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What about a Clarendon?

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Have a look at Ronaldson from Canada Type:

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A Ronaldson search in myfonts generated several possibilities. Thank you so much!

(Clarendon is a bit too mid-century, need to stay in the late 1800s to early 1900s, but thank you very much.)

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