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Anybody knows how to create Colorfonts on a Mac? (Please have a look at the attached screenshot).
I have tried to create the letters in FL, but that's impossible.
I need a tool, where I can import a whole .otf or .ttf-font, and then made my color-addings ...
In advance, thanks for any help :-)


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See OTM 3.0 COLR/CPAL support for Erik Blokland's announcement, Color font meetings at TypeCon and ATypI for an in-depth discussion (including Adam Twardoch's report and links therein), and Windows 8.1 Preview color font support for a layman's introduction to the basics.

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I believe FontLab is about to have a webinar on how to use a combo of current FontLab products to make color fonts....

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Here is the FontLab webinar announcement.

22 April 2014, 1100CST/12pm EST/2000CEST
Register with this link: (Note: don't register using Safari on Mac. Some wacky bug. sigh.)

Color fonts are here!
Until recently, computer fonts were digital imitations of traditional monochrome typefaces. However, since 2013, it's been possible to create OpenType fonts with glyphs that have multiple colors. They don't work everywhere yet, but where they do work, they're really spectacular. Think real calligraphy...corporate logos... icons... 3D letterforms or letters with visible brush strokes!

In this webinar, FontLab's Adam Twardoch will show you how to create color fonts using BitFonter 3, FontLab Studio 5 and TransType 4 - from an alphabet written with a watercolor paint brush on a sheet of paper all the way to an OpenType font that works in Apple Keynote and Pages on Mac OS X!

In order to get the most from this webinar you will need BitFonter, FontLab Studio, and TransType 4. To make it easy for you Fontlab is offering BitFonter at an unprecedented 80% discount (your cost =US$99) to registrants. In addition if you don't already have FontLab Studio or TransType 4 we'll give you a 50% discount on those products. That's a potential US$773 savings on the whole bundle.

There are a limited number of seats available for this webinar, so don't be disappointed - register early.

Color Font Webinar
22 April 2014
9 am PST / 12 noon EST / 20:00 CEST
Register with this link: (Note: don't register using Safari on Mac. Some wacky bug. sigh.)

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Is ownership of all three packages strictly required, or strongly recommended?


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I venture to suggest FL Studio is not required if you won't add OT features or kerning or somehow change the output from TransType.
Strictly speaking it is possible to achieve the result using only BitFonter 3 and TransType 4.


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I'm joining today's webinar (looking for some better solutions to iOS type I've been developing for Apps), but I have to say it's disappointing that BitFonter still has not been upgraded to 10.7+ and it appears that FontLab still recommends a wonky workaround from 2011.

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I came here to ask for tools to create Apple's SBIX and Google's CBDT/CBLC fonts with. I figured I might as well post in this thread!

I don't see these formats mentioned at BitFonter, and TransType 4 doesn't seem to export these when you use their layering tool to create colored glyphs. (Although TransType converts the layered Microsoft approach to SVG.)

I would like to create a simple one-character font that I can use to check browser support for SBIX and CBDT/CBLC. Anybody interested in helping me out?

Edit: I tried Behdad's scripts to create fonts that should be compatible with Google's method (and work on Android and Linux). The script is on Github. I created the FruityGirl and Funkster fonts with the included script, but they don't work on Android. Anybody know what's going on?

Edit2: I also tried Jens Kutilek's script to generate fonts with Apple's SBIX table, according to this thread, but the generated fonts don't show up on test devices through Browserstack :(

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