Can any1 help me about the font of the HTMi text please?

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This is a hotel's logo which has this slab serif font for the text HTMi and am unable to find the font? can any1 help me please.

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The closer I can see is an Aachen Medium with a modified /T and manually expanded to death...

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helo, fanks for the reply. am also in headache to find about this font. Do you think it is modified in whole?

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I can't find it either [I have searched a database of 200.000 fonts].
I can't tell for sure if it's modified or not, but if you take a closer look at the serifs of /H they are asymmetrical in a very peculiar way...
This could be the result of a bad font, a bad rendering, a raster magnification or an ugly font modification.. I don't know...

If you use Aachen Medium, expand it to at least 160%-170% and cut-off the serifs of /T I think will get close enough.
Give it a try ;)

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I agree, Fivos. Those curves under the crossbar of the T look like very badly done modifications and - as such - Aachen seems like the best starting point.

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