Convert .bdf to truetype

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Hello all,

Is there any way to convert a .bdf bitmap font to truetype? I've tried several online file converters that claimed to support bdf but none of them actually worked.
Many thanks in advance.

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BDF is a bitmap format, so it can't be [trivially] converted to an outline format. What those converters probably mean is that they embed a BDF into a TT file (something I once did, when making Arasan). But many systems simply ignore those these days...

Now, if your objective is to "reproduce" a bitmap font via outlines* I have some custom software that does that, but I haven't fired it up in years... Feel free to email me: hpapazian thatsymbol gmail dot corn

* Like this:


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Thanks for clearing that up. Most converters gave me some error though. I indeed want to reproduce a bitmap font through square-y outlines, like all the so-called "pixel" fonts out there that are actually ttf/otf. You've got mail ;)

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