Please help me identify font (s) used in this old book

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I really like the typography in an old book I´ve found. But I haven´t succeeded in deciding on which fonts that are being used...
Everything I try doesn´t get close enough...

Anyone with an sharper eye that could help me out?


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Maybe some version of Caslon.

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Looks like Old Style 7, designed by Miller & Richard in 1902. Digital revival Note that numbers were not necessarily considered parts of a font and printers would substitute numbers as they saw fit.
Another possibility is Century Old Style, designed by Morris Fuller Benton and originally published by ATF in 1909. Digital revival
R might be closer in Old Style 7. But compare the lowercase. It seems to like somewhere between the two typefaces.
The original version of Old Style was cut by Alexander Phemister of Miller & Richard in 1860 and was soon coped by other foundries. [Source: Jaspert's _Type Encyclopedia [1970]_ Indeed, this could be a variation cut by a Swedish Foundry.

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Fanstastic, (you spotted the swedish too!)

It does look like a mix of them both, thanks for the help! I think I´ll go with the Century Old Style, I had it in the archives.


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