church bulletin insert from December, 1990

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I am trying to locate this font.
It was used by my church for this December, 1990 bulletin.
I can find similar fonts, but not all the letters and numbers match up.
The numbers 0 and 2 and letters A, G, R, C, and K seem to never match up.
I have been searching font sites for over a year without any luck.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Judging from the year and the look & feel, this is more likely a custom OEM raster font stored in some specific dot-matrix printer model of the era.
Chances are you will not find an exact match in a modern vector font format (i.e. TTF / OTF).
Take a look at some alternatives which mimic this style:
mono MMM_5
Mode Nine
Alloy (Light) (You Work For Them, 2003)

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Thank you for your assistance.

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Good finds Fivos.
Working link to mono MMM_5 mode nine SERIESB
Alloy Light, seems that YWFT has renamed this as Moteur?

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