The "Lato Saves Billions" font saves billions and billions of dollars!!!

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This just comes in from:

Berlin, War­saw — April 1st, 2014
The team behind the Lato font fam­ily (Łukasz Dziedzic and Adam Twar­doch) have just released a spe­cial ver­sion of the Lato font called Lato Saves Bil­lions. “While Gara­mond can save the U.S. gov­ern­ment mere 400 mil­lion dol­lars, the Lato Saves Bil­lions font can save at least 5 bil­lion dol­lars,” said Adam Twar­doch. “The image above com­pares the Times New Roman, Gara­mond and Lato Saves Bil­lions fonts, all set at 14 pt. You can down­load the free Lato Saves Bil­lions font and try it out on your own com­puter. You will see how much more space-​​efficient Lato Saves Bil­lions is, com­pared to other fonts!” Twar­doch con­tin­ued. “Or you can down­load the entire Lato font fam­ily from http://​www​.lato​fonts​.com/ — nine weights with ital­ics, all free!”

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Best news all day, apart from free beer, of course.

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I like this. If I want to spend more money in my business, I can bump it up to Bold, or even Black. Things get tight, pull it back to Hairline.

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