Dot Matrix with rounded sans

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Hi there,

Please could anyone ID this font family or suggest others?

Thank you

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Don't know this one but as The underneath "not-dotted" sans is surely Gotham HTF, may be the dotted one has been based on it.
Alternatives for the dotted: Dreamer, Codystar, Superpois, Pullchain, Budmo Bulbs, Beretta, Raleway Dots (possibly the closest as Raleway is close to Gotham)

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I believe the dot matrix is custom made based on Gotham.

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Thank you!

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Probably custom, yeah. Alternatives: Sélavy, Frieze, Dot Soon.

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It's indeed custom. De Bijloke is a music center in Ghent, Belgium hosting a variety of concerts, from ancient music to symphonic, from classical Western and Eastern music to jazz. Base created an identity for this music center, with the goal of reaching a new public and bringing classical music to life. A vibrant yellow dot enlivens the medieval building and the visuals expected of classical music. This graphic element was applied to signage, and translated to typography.

titled: Debijloke Bold

for inspiration have a look at Palais.

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