ttfAutohint - Some advice from user would be useful.

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I've seen some type designer used ttfAutohint For those who have tried it, can you give us your comments. Also, It seems possible to installed it on MAC OSX, however after a few inconclusive tests, I failed. Your help would be useful to help me to installed it. Thanks!

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Hi Andre, a quick 3 minutes screen cast:
(The volume come out a little low, increase your volume as needed.)

1) Installing, it's really easy.

2) Using it with the default options, also super easy.

Next step is to read the documentation and explore the options. They are important.
Try with a few different options to see what they do, and test results in a PC


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Hi Pablo, Your presentation is pretty clear and easy to understand. That's much appreciate. I will try it, read the documentation and do some tests. Regards,

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Hi Pablo
I tried to watch the videos but got a #4 Error message about a server or network problem...I want to try ttfautohint for my Arabic fonts. Thanks

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