"Extrafette Bernhard Fraktur 2013" - where to find?

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I saw the font "Extrafette Bernhard Fraktur 2013" here:


Here is the full alphabet:


It is based on the font "Extra Fette Bernhard Fraktur 1912" (Source: http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-27018.html).

The font was revived in 2013 by Christoph Schwedhelm, who renamed it "Extrafette Bernhard Fraktur 2013.

He used it in his book on frakturs titled "Rekonstruiert" - the first image in this message is the front cover:


My question is:

Can anyone help me find "Extrafette Bernhard Fraktur 2013" - or a font which resembles is very, very similar?

Thanks a lot for any help!

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Have you contacted Christoph Schwedhelm?


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Yes, I've contacted him via Institut für Buchforschung which published the book.

But as yet, I've had no reply.

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Look through "Fraktur mon Amour" for a comparable one.

Or you could commission somebody to make a custom revival (which BTW you could optionally completely own, even in terms of reselling it).
Hint, hint... :-)


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