Late 19th century medal clasp punched font

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Rosewood Std
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I have been asked to make a copy of this clasp. Before I draw up all the text, I wondered if there was a regular font close to it. It's a little like a clarendon but with squarish serifs and a different leg on the R.
anybody know?
Thanks very much,

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Clarenden Bold looks good - maybe the R from CAM by You Work For Them

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You may also consider Rosewood or a manually compressed Lino Letter (Bold) (a bit more square serifs?) but Clarendon is probably closer to the general style of your sample.

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Thank you for your help!
Best regards

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Not a lot of detail so lots of room for error.
But I believe I see a the remnants of square serifs rather than the cove used in Clarendon. This means that the designer would have based the design on a font style then called Antique -- which we now call Egyptian. To recreate I could perhaps go with a modified Lino Letter Bold compressed to 80% with an adjustment to make the leg on R more vertical. Hope this is of some help.

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