Could you please let me know what font is in the attached image

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Way to small to try to identify -

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From a more complete printout you posted earlier (very small) my guess is that the font is EPSON 教科書体M, pronounced kyoukasho tai M; cf the thread

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The postscript name is EPSON-KYOKASHO

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Epson Kyokasho has narrow characters in the ASCII range and the corresponding normal characters in the range uniFF01 to uniFF5D.

If I extrapolate the digits in the two ranges by 160%, if I interpolate the uppercase characters by 50% and if I use the lowercase in the 0xFF31-0xFF5A range (except for m and w) I get the following, which is pretty close to your sample:

I could not find the EULA. The font can be extracted with unzip from an exe file found on the EPSON site which is all in Japanese.

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If, like me, you never run exe files except from very trusted sources, you can use a procedure for applying WinRAR to extract the fonts without running the exe, as described by "Sham" in the Yahoo answer at
Worked perfectly for me on the exe mentioned by Michael.
Now to see if I can replicate his extrapolation & interpolation result :)

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Here is what I did (on my mac):

M-505 % unzip ttf30.exe
Archive:  ttf30.exe
warning [ttf30.exe]:  30261 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
  (attempting to process anyway)
  inflating: ttf30/epmgobld.ttf      
  inflating: ttf30/epgyosho.ttf      
  inflating: ttf30/epkaisho.ttf      
  inflating: ttf30/epkgobld.ttf      
  inflating: ttf30/epkyouka.ttf      
  inflating: ttf30/epmarugo.ttf      
  inflating: ttf30/epgyobld.ttf      
  inflating: ttf30/epminbld.ttf      
M-506 % 

You can also change the extension .exe for .zip and click.

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