Retro Fonts

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I'm hoping someone recognizes these fonts.
I don't really need the font for "1987".
I may have identified "Drum & Bass" as Sullivan from Lost Type, although I'm not sure.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 5.20.23 PM.png344.49 KB


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The Art of Music: Deftone Stylus
DRUM & BASS: confirming Sullivan
WE RECORD MUSIC: Gotham may be...

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I don't get you, Don... Why do you want this artwork to be from the 80's? To me it's a recent job done with mainly free material and that's actually I'm wondering if it's Gotham...

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Apologies Ryuk, I misinterpreted 1987 as being the date of the image.
Previous post deleted.

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No worries and no need to apologize, Don. Your expertise is so impressive that after seeing your comment I thought I could have missed something.

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