Logo ID?

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I've inherited this and only have the following crummy jpg to try to identifiy the font for the "QRCA"? Can you help?



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There is a font that seems to match your sample (if you expand it a bit) and you can find it under the following names:
New York: (c) 1990-97 Apple Computer Inc. 1990-97 Type Solutions Inc. 1990-97 The Font Bureau Inc.
SI New: (c) 1990-91 Apple Computer Inc. 1990-91 Type Solutions Inc. 1990-91 The Font Bureau Inc.

The funny thing is I can't find a legitimate source for the above fonts and there is another font in myfonts.com under the name "New York" which corresponds to the initial bitmap font designed for Apple by Susan Kare, which is obviously a different (sans serif) font:

Any ideas?

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Perhaps the designer of ORCA worked on a Mac and used one of the fonts mentioned by Fivos that IIRC from when I had a Mac were installed on it. AFAIK PC versions are not authorized by Apple.

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