Problem with DIN font

Hi Everyone,
I'm facing a little problem here and thought maybe you could help:
I've recieved an inDesign document created on a mac, in which DIN Black and DIN Bold are used.
As I use a PC at work I needed to buy those two fonts, so I bought FF DIN Bold and Black which seemed to be the reference, and installed them.
But when I opened the inDesign document, it kept saying the DIN Bold and Black fonts were missing.
Is there any way to make it understand it's the fonts I bought ?
I think the problem is the name ?

Thanks a lot to take the time to read my request,

Have a good day !


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This does seem like a font name issue since you have a different version of DIN. In InDesign, if you go to Type > Find Font... it will show you all the fonts in your document. Choose the font you want to replace, then select a replacement under the Replace With area of the dialog.

I would suggest comparing the two documents after replacing the font. Different versions of the same font could have varying metrics, and the formatting may change.

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Thanks for the tip !!

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