Contemporary typeface for space project!

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I'm currently working on a space project where I am making a book
to commemorate the 30 years of reuseable space flight.

I've been looking at Univers, Futura, Gotham to name a few.

Any thought would be much appreciated!

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Too generic.

Use this
when it comes out.
It's by Carl Crossgrove.


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Thanks Any other suggestions would be great!

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Goz, is this a book which is mostly text? And if so, are you committed to using a sans serif font? Or is it a book with a little bit of text and pictures of rockets?
Are you looking for something modern and up-to-date or something serious and official or something adventurous or something technical or something easy to read? Aside from "space" I'm not really getting a direction here. I'm not really sure what the "contemporary" reference in the title of the post means? Who is the target audience?

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Thanks for the replys and sorry for the bad description!

It's for a book I'm designing for a college project, target audience is kids aged 10 -15 years!

Book will consist of body copy along with infographics and illustrations.

I'm looking for advice (thats not a generic typeface) to use as a display type to accompany the body copy that is currently "Gotham Rounded light"

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