what is this font

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Does someone know this font?

It is a font used in a few Phaidon books.

thank you!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.51.04 PM.png1.66 MB


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Magda Clean Mono FF is close but not it - so is Fago also from FF

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Interesting. I checked the screen shot and the letters are monospaced.
From Kobi Benezri's website http://www.kobibenezri.com/ we learn that he developed the sans monospaced font Lettera for Phaidon based on a mid 70‘s typewriter font designed by Joseph Müller-Brockmann for Olivetti. Later he also developed a proportional spaced version Lettera Text. Lettera is sold by Linto http://lineto.com/The+Fonts/Font+Categories/Typewriter+Fonts/Lettera/
Unfortunatly, while the sans monospaced font in the screenshot looks generally like Lettera, it has some significant differences: semi squared sides on letters such as O and C, and a few serifs: base of r, y and Y, top of J. Lettera could be modified to make a reasonable facsimile.
The search continues.

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