Looking for a (very) heavy header font to pair with Utopia

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I'm using Adobe Utopia (well, Heuristica, which is just Utopia with an extended character set) for lining text in an academic thesis.

I'm looking for a very heavy and blocky header font to pair with it.

I was using Georgia+Verdana for my drafts, before actually choosing fonts. I really like the way Verdana Pro Black looks for my headings (example: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MqUNFb1.png[/IMG]), and I'm looking for something which is: preferably open-source; slightly less clichéd than Verdana; and very heavy.

I'd love to hear any suggestions, thanks.

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Messed up the image embed; just click on this.

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In passing, it is considered a great faux pas to use lining (aka "capital") figures with small capitals. Either use full caps for OED, or old-style (aka "lowercase") figures, or small-cap height lining figures, which you'd probably have to make up.

To be perfectly accurate, Heuristica is the old Adobe Utopia, which Adobe essentially made Open Source when Slimbach redrew it. It (Heuristica) is a bit different from the current for-sale Utopia...

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Look at TypeTogether's library for tasteful heavy fonts that harmonize with Utopia.

BTW ideally you want a font with smallcaps that aren't so small, and lining numerals to match them.


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Way back when a number of Berthold fonts were licensed to Adobe, the sans I paired with Utopia was Imago. Lately, I've wondered if the new Clear Sans from Intel might partner well with Utopia.

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Have you tried Wide Latin?

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You might try Fira

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