OpenType — Which is the best way to get general info about the font?

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Hi there,

I would like to ask if someone has a recipe for exploring a content of OpenType font. OK, I know, that the Glyph Panel in InDesign is pretty comprehensive — I can filter the Small Caps, I can filter Oldstyle Figures, I can filter Ornaments, or even Ligatures , but I am looking for some way to get a summary like this:

This font contains:
Extended Latin A & B
Discretionary Ligatures
Oldstyle Figures
Small Caps

Thank you.

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OK mate, I will try it — definitely!

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It seems that's a 32-bit version and won't work on 64-bit systems.
However, MS updated it around the time of Vista but they published the link for just the 32-bit version because the 64-bit version didn't have an installer. See here for details, plus there's a Dropbox link for 64-bit near the bottom of the page. It's a .dll file; you put it in “C:\Windows\System32\” folder, open command prompt as admin and type the following to activate it:

%windir%\System32\regsvr32.exe %windir%\System32\TTFExtNT.dll

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