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Zestard is India based software development company. Set up by two bright and zealous software professionals, we aim to provide you qualitative, timely and cost-effective technical solutions.

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This is SPAM post anyway, but of all the logos the last (ParfumeShop) is the only one that is at least to some degree finished and ok. Majority of the others have waaaaaay too many elements ie. more than one symbol, unsuitable typography, ...

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I agree with litera. PerfumeShop is the best out of the bunch, but even still can use some minor refinements.

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Last two logos are good.

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As creating logos is part of your work, I suppose you are not only a "software development company", but also active in corporate design and brand strategy.

In "Corporate Religion", Jesper Kunde wrote that the essence of strong brands is not the quantitative parameters (such as those you mentioned, "timely" and "cost-effective"), but emotional values and spirit.

Regardless whether this is the right place to introduce businesses, when you do, do it in a memorable way. Put some more time in your elevator pitch.

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