Feminine Sans Serif

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Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for a sans serif that looks and feels more feminine than the odd helvetica / akzidenz.
Any ideas?

Many thanks

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Helvetica and akzidenz are modernist sans-serifs. I would say humanist sans-serifs generally have a more feminine design, so you might want to search my fonts for 'humanist sans'

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Typefaces don’t have gender.
(Although there are a few constructed out of bodies/body parts…)

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Parisine Plus is one that comes to mind.

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Quicksand feels very feminine.

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Some people think that a feminine sans serif has one or more of the following characteristics: lighter weight, rounded ends, less mechanical/geometric construction, i.e. more of a handwritten feel etc. Easy to find these. Whether they are actually more feminine is a matter of opinion.

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What Jasper said.
Gender associations are not about reproductive organs.


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Notwithstanding the tiresome identity politics spasms that these questions must now inescapably provoke, I would simply suggest you check out Joshua Darden’s Omnes.


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Also, ironically, Mr Eaves, which I find far more feminine than The Missus.


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What's feminine about Girl Scouts?

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