what kind of font type is it?

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Based partly on the g I would classify this as a faux typewriter font. It can also be classified as a monoline slab serif.
The fontmaker may have called it something else.
Info as to source of your image and approximate date would help to clarify.
If it's recent, I trust that someone will recognize it by font name.

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This looks like a typewriter font, except that the letters are not monospaced. The only upper case letter (W) is much wider than the other letters. ITC American Typewriter is this way but the letter shapes are not the same. Monotype's Typewriter Elite has closer shapes, especially for the 'a', with its short tail, but other details are not right, like the tail on the 't'.

My guess is that the Monotype font may have been customized, or else this is not a font I could find in my searching.

- Mike Yanega

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Thank you very much.

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