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This is similar to Lionel text... Any ideas?

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Take it this is not a logo?
Similar fonts, usable as a substitute if someone does not find an exact match. Seria Sans Selene ITC Stone Humanist

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Can't find a match either but still interesting... What's the sample origin? That could make the search easier...
Alternatives so far: Futwora TWO, Brown LL, Adequate KT, Milano MTT, Nanami TD, Dupe W+P, Chrysaora NP, Telegrafico

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Nexus Sans Bold from FontShop - and messed with, wider and shorter.

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Hi Bob, good find. Compare three Nexus variations.
Nexus Sans Bold:

Nexus Sans Bold Small Caps:

Nexus Sans Reg. Small Caps:

Variation 3 is the closest match but it's still not 100%. {Note that the Small Caps in 2 and 3 are shown in a slightly larger point size than the Caps in 1.]

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The sample is from a website selling custom furniture:

Thanks very much for the suggestions, they are very close.
Notice the "k" in the sample, it may have been modified as it appears to be cut into a bit.


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Can't find a match and kind of tricky too... Some letters seems to have alternate(s): 2 /W, 2 /B, 3 /R... You best chance is probably asking directly Matthew Brown and if he answers, drop the answer here. But, I'd be no surprised it'd be a custom job.
Adding Biko, Nevis, Brandon Grotesque and Euclid to the list.

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