New User - true type fonts with Control Picture range

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Hi all,
Hopefully, I do not upset anyone with this question if it is off-topic or not...I'm new to fonts and unsure if this forum is focused purely on the world of print, or also includes digital fonts :-)

The question - are there any available True-Type Font files that actually include glyphs for the control picture range, specifically SOH-STX-ETX... type of control codes to display when those codes are used (vs some of the standard ones I see are smiley, hearts, and upside-down 'L').

A stackoverflow post referenced this document which is indeed what I'm looking for:

you are open to flog me if I'm in the wrong area, otherwise I may need some hand-holding if I must 'craft' my own font file if none exist :-)


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Does your software allow these characters to be inserted as such? There are lots of these symbols in Apple Symbols, for example, but they have been moved to more easily accessable positions.

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These seem to be in Segoe UI Symbol too. Encoding is kosher - they are not in the PUA.


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