San Serif Wood Type

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I really like all the typefaces used here, particularly the "Bourbon" font. It's similar to ITC Franklin Gothic Demi but with a slightly roughened treatment. Could be a custom job but does anyone know of anything similar? Bonus if you can identify the others!


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BOURBON with a roughened treatment based on 1896 wood-type Cheap Pine
Hint: for the smaller O just use a smaller font size for that letter.

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More BOURBON with a roughened treatment
Veneer and
I prefer Cheap Pine, but Veneer and Anodyne have the straight leg R to match the image. The curved strokes of B, O, and R are more squared than the image.

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In my opinion the fonts shown in the image are not old fonts, but rather are modern designs, which may or may not be digital fonts. No problem with the sans-serif for BOURBON as mentioned in my earlier posts.
But "barrel STOUT" is a real Frankenstein.
Notice the differences between these letters and classic italics like Garamond and Fleischman
The truncated ascenders, the almost vertical slope, the strange tail at the top of b, etc. What's this with a ball serif capital S? And how did square serifs from Egyptian end up on the T and U? This is not to say that someone has not packaged this mish mash as a font.
So if the Frankenfont does not turn up you could make reasonable facsimile of "barrel" by editing Fleishman. Other candidates for editing include Verdigris MVB Pro Text ITC Cushing and Kis

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Can't agree more with Don's last comment. That doesn't look like old fonts at all to me. And actually, they are not: 'BOURBON' is most probably Trade Gothic Bold #2 and 'barrel STOUT' is Matrix II Italic. Never been a great fan of Suzana Licko's design BTW.

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Thanks Ryuk. Amazing, that the awkward odd duck of "barrel STOUT" is actually a font. I share your opinion of Suzana Licko's designing, certainly where this font is concerned.

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