Apple iOS 7 fonts: Easily install your own font on the iphone, ipad and ipod

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I enjoy designing graphics on the ipad, but Apple had a strict policy which prevented installing one's own fonts. With the iOS 7 upgrade it is now possible to do so, but the process was complicated, necessitating converting your font first into a data string and writing a bit of code to create the fontname.mobilecionfig installation file.

Some apps like inkpad (the great vecor drawing app) have their in-built method of installing your font through Dropbox. But for regular iOS apps like Pages, do the following:

1- Download the "iOS Font Maker" freeware to your Windows, Mac or Linux(?) desktop from (It is not to be confused with the "iFont Maker" on the iTunes App Store which is a mini-Fontlab of sorts).

2- Install iOS Font Maker and follow the instructions to create your fontname.mobilecionfig file. Email the file to yourself.

3. In the iOS 7 ipad or iphone etc. mail app, click on attached fontname.mobilecionfig file to download and install it with one click . To uninstall go to Settings / General / Profiles to see your new fonts listed.

It works very well all thanks to its designer Keith. Using inkpad or Pages on the ipad to see your fonts during development is a great way to check their outline at all sizes, details and behaviour on Apple devices. Install-uninstall new versions as many times as needed.

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Thanks ralf h. the anyfonts app is also quite useful thanks for the hint.

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