A free font with OldStyle figures as default

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I'm having some troubles with the Calluna font by exljbris in combination with the LaTeX typesetting software. For the technical details I'm trying to get some support at stackexchange, so I won't bother you with it, but to make my problem reproducible for other people I need a font with the following properties:

  • Available for free, without registration
  • Provides both oldstyle and lining figures
  • Has oldstyle figures as default numerals, so the character called one is an oldstyle figure

Calluna Regular fits all these requirements, except it is not available without registration, and that currently holds people back from trying to reproduce my problem, so I wondered if there is a legal way to get another font that fits these requirements. Most fonts installed by default on any computer provide either oldstyle or lining, and if they provide both they have lining as default figures..

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Don't know of any. Alegreya comes closest, oldstyle figures are default, and it has the SIL OFL license. But the lining figures, while in the font, are not "hooked up" via a features statement, and that can give odd occurrences.

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I just found a font that's part of (at least) the TeXlive distribution, so probably available for most of the people over at stackexchange, and that's "EB Garamond 12".

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Libre Caslon Text has both, defaults ones are Lining. But since it's Open Source and the source files are included, you can tweak it to your preferences.

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EB Garamond, according to its specimen sheet, satisfies your constraints.

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