The typeface for the word LEED, can't find it

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I looked Chiseled fonts, and some look like it, I found DUKE, but the D is not the same... Any ideas?

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The designer may have added the chiseled effect to a plain condensed sans-serif font using a vector illustration program. It wouldn't be hard, since the designer would only have to make the E and D, and then modify the E to make the L. If I were doing this, I'd soften the edge of the shadow at the lower curve of the D.

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Thank you :)

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Can't find a perfect for this one. Also agree with Victor, that could be a custom job based on some Gothic Condensed like Alternate Gothic/Trade Gothic Condensed (or from Duke).
More out-of-the-box alternatives: Player (possibly the closest after Duke), Carplate, Sullivan, Prismatic Bevel, March, Valuco, Theatrics, Cartella, Detroit 11 Bevel

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