Karluk 1916 Book Cover

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Love the italic R on this 1916 book cover. Has anyone seen a digital match?
I assume this is lettering, but here are the book details anyway Robert Bartlett & Ralph Hale _The Last Voyage of the Karluk Flagship of Vilhjalmar Stefansson's Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-16_, Boston Small, Maynard and Company, 1916, 1st US Edition

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Can't remember where I see such a /R... Anyway, for the serif, I like Ronaldson and Fitzronald.

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Hi Ryuk, I also like the two Ronaldson based types as good similars to the serif. I have admired the Canada Type version since it was first published. Some tinkering, such the addition of a Cheltenham style spur on the G would make it even closer.
Perhaps someone else has seen a digital font with the an italic R with a similar swoosh shaped leg?

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