Vita bold slight serifs

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Anyone know this guy?

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Quay Sans Black

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Wow, Bob! I agree that looks like the right answer, but with those letters, how did you pick that one?
The only thing that made me question this answer was the top of the A. For some reason the test drives of Quay Sans Black don't look like they have the same slight flare at the top of the A. Is it just my eyes?

I certainly couldn't find anything closer.

- Mike Yanega

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Agree with Mike. Really impressive, Bob. Was about to say "custom job adding flare serifs on some generic sans" (and to be specific on Helvetica Neue Heavy which looks to match almost perfectly the skeleton) then refreshed the page and saw your answer. Missing only the /A top flare serifs but that looked awfully close...

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I put it into PhotoShop and upsampled the dpi - that made the slight curce to the T cross bar and other things standout - also use PerfectResize to do that to images to get clear view with fewer pixelated artifacts.

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Top Of Quay A

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