Web alternative to Fago Office Serif

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Hi guys!
I'm designing a website for a company with Fago Office Serif among its institutional fonts. Is anyone able to find a free (and good) web alternative with similar serifs and mood?

Thank you very much in advance.
Have a great day!

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Fago Office Serif is available as a web font, it has just been renamed Fago Correspondence Serif: https://www.fontfont.com/fonts/fago-correspondence-serif

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Thank you Jens for the info.
Just in order to propose two options, does anyone know if there is a similar free alternative?

Thank you again!

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Pay for the real thing.


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Since the company has a low budget and no extreme need for that exact font on its website, I was just trying to find out if, among the various services and websites offering free and open source fonts, there is something with a similar mood to Fago's. Of course I am not going to use Fago on the website without paying for it, but I think the company has the right to choose whether to use a free font or not. :)

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I find these situations to be quite awkward, actually. Of course the company has the right to choose whether to use a free font or not, but I also wonder, if the company has no money for a one-time fee of 159 euro to establish a good brand identity then I have to wonder why you would even want to start up a company in the first place. I want my clients to be passionate about the design of their company and value it accordingly.

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I know of three freely-available egyptians that will let them judge for themselves the balance between identity and price: Aleo, Arvo and Roboto Slab. There is a semi-payware fourth, Museo Slab. All can be found here (http://www.fontsquirrel.com/) and all are enough unlike Fago that the difference should be visible even to a tunnel-visioned accountant that hasn't taken his eyes off the bottom line for the last fifty years.

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