Font pairing for Maiola

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Hello Typophiles,

I'm designing a book using Maiola as the main typeface. The book is an essay on the nature & purpose of art and an analysis of a few key pieces from different traditions: a Lohan, an ancient Egyptian sculpture, a Vermeer, a Rembrandt, etc. I feel the Czech references in Maiola suit the author and his conversational style. I also think it's a fine typeface.

I'm using Maiola throughout, but for captions, space is limited. I'd like to use a condensed sans, but I'm struggling to find something that really complements Maiola.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I've paired Maiola with Akzidenz Grotesk in the past. It's probably not the best way to go in your case though. Axia seems a very good choice. Nice typeface.

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Thanks to you both.

I will take a good look at Axia.

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