I can't find Corisande font on the web to buy a license

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Hi everyone,

I can't find the font Corisande anywhere on the web, including the major type foundry websites!

Why is that? Is it not available anymore to use?


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It was issued by T-26 Foundry, Chicago

2003 [T26] Chicago www.t26.com 773.862.1201 T0936 ID#5134467 designer: Copyright (c) 2002 Neil MacCallum. All Rights Reserved. Corisande" is a Trade Mark of Neil MacCallum / Identikal

It does appear to have been removed from all the places that sold it - you might try locating Neil MacCallum as he is shown as the copyright owner. I could not find contact info for him but someone on Typophile might know how to contact him. Anyone?

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Thank you for the info.

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