Aureal, a geometric roman typeface (update)

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This is the original thread:

I made some optical corrections, added more characters, and I'm happy with the results. I attach new samples for you all.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

aureal-0.22.pdf222.84 KB
aureal-0.22-c.png195.62 KB
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I feel that the bowl of the P should be larger, to match with the low crossbars of other capitals and the roundness of the lowercase.

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I agree. /R looks correct, but the bowl of /P should be larger. The bowls of /P and /R don't necessarily need to match, and in my opinion they should never be the exact same bowl because in case of /P you need to compensate for the large space underneath the bowl.

I also think the vertical serifs (E, F, L, T, Z, z) are too big and robust. It's not bad, but then I would make the other serifs and terminals more robust as well. You probably need a bit more consistency in your design.

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