serif used by Julian bittiner

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Ignoring the crazy characters...

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I have the following names for it (warning: some are probably clones, as they come from well-known font-forgery companies):
OPTI Artcraft
Aspen DB - Copyright SoftMaker Software GmbH 1995
Artista - Copyright 1994 NovelFonts! Corporation

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Here are some versions of Artcraft that aren't clones.

I also have copies of Artcraft Light and Light Italic I purchased as shareware some years ago from Matt Jalbert, but he doesn't seem to be offering those anymore.

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Found a better sample here. Definitely 'Artcraft' but the OPTI version as none of the available to sell/legal/not-clone version are perfectly matching. The closest might be the Pro version.

EDIT: knew I've seen before. Here's the previous discussion on the topic.

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