Looking for the "HIGH LIFE" font in the Miller logo


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Probably hand lettered, but if you just want it for a headline, you could probably create the letters you want by adding the little spurs on the main strokes of ITC Quorum Black.

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Thank you!

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No exact match for the font, so I concur with Victor's suggestion. You may get some assistance from examining a vector version of the logo http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/miller-high-life-1
Another version http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/miller-high-life-0
And another http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/miller-high-life-2

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Brand New/Underconsideration article on the 2010 rebranding of Miller High Life. New lettering was performed by Totonto-based famous lettering artist Ian Brignell.
Some more candidates for substitution: Boston Truckstyle, Posada, Flange, Beaufort, Silverado, Goudy Sans (probably my candidate for a customization), Memo, Triplett (almost perfect, my 2nd pick), Elan, Formata, Chipping, Symbol, Hensler 2, Modesto

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