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I'm building a brand logo for a class assignment that has to somewhat match the nike golf logo.
Anyone know what's a very similar font to use to make it feel like part of the family.

thanks you

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You could embolden/modify the following:
For "NIKE", Orbitron (Black) by FontLab Studio [2009] now part of Google Web Fonts

For "GOLF", Injekuta by Ray Larabie [Typodermic, 2007]

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Good selection by Fivos as usual. For the record, this one is definitely based off Eurostile, the 'NIKE' part is blatantly it. The only things to do is to start with Eurostile Extended, even up /E crossbars and redraw /G cutting top right part and making terminal oblique. I guess it'd be pretty easy to do. So for your job, why not starting with it and customize it to make it unique. Eurostile is a catchy font and if you avoid or customize some of its earmarks (/S, /R leg...), it could work quite well.
You could also have a look simply searching for 'Eurostile' at MyFonts.
For some 'Eurostile-like' with a twist of techy vibe: many Typodermic Ray Larabie, Venera, Biome, Eursostile Candy, Clonoid, Magistral, Cube, Reversal, Saturn, Reaction, Phantom, Stak, Geometry Soft Pro, Miedinger, Phat

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Good point Ryuk,
I just didn't remember that Eurostile has this kind of /K (that's why I look for alternatives) ;)

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Thanks, Fivos. My mistake as well. I think bokkah is rather seeking for Eurostile alternatives than identifying Nike Golf logo font.

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