How is the Walt Disney Logo drawn or constructed?

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I'd like to design my own Walt Disney logo font, I have seen what currently exists but I don't really like these, for example:

I'm hoping to stay accurate to the logo with the drawing instruments; would anyone kindly be able to offer some insight into the method of drawing this logo may have used, i.e. kind of pen or brush?

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The original appears to have been drawn with a brush, but be careful how faithfully you copy it. Disney is quick to call the lawyers when anybody comes even close to infringing on their intellectual property.

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The signature bears little resemblance to his actual signature and was probably created by his staff, which was mostly animators, so they probably used the same brushes they used in their work. (Or it was drawn to resemble that look.)

I agree with the comment about infringement.

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Thanks PublishingMojoView and JamesM. I appreciate the warning about Disney – it'll mostly be a personal project.

I can't tell what kind of brush it is though, would it be something that's flat, slanted or pointy? It looks inconsistent to me – granted I have little experience with brushes.

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A good lettering book should have advice on which brush to use for different effects. Also there is plenty of guidance online. For example

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> it'll mostly be a personal project

That doesn't mean you're okay. I used to be involved with a gaming fan site (not Disney) and the game company had strict rules about what fans could legally post. Companies don't like to offend fans but they need to protect their assets.

It's possible that Disney has posted somewhere their rules regarding fan use of their images, copycat fonts, etc. Also some fan sites may have discussions of what Disney allows.

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