WWII American Propaganda Poster Fonts

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I am looking for either of the italicized fonts in these posters most importantly, but if any one know either of the non-italicized fonts that would also be brilliant :) Thank you in advance!


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More generally, some interesting resources by Walden Fonts Co.: American Poster Fonts of the World War II

First poster
I'M COUNTING ON YOU/DON'T DISCUSS: Eckhart Freehand JNL, Balloon, Flash, Challenge, Totally Awesome, Nelda
TROOP MOVEMENTS - SHIP SAILINGS - WAR EQUIPMENT: probably go with Helvetica Condensed Black; from Walden Fonts, Eldon;

Second poster
I GAVE A MAN!: Tasty and again Flash, Challenge and Nelda
Will you give at least (10%) of your pay in War Bonds?: easiest way would probably Futura; from WF, Payson and Odon; Mostra Nuova might work also pretty well coming even closer for digits;

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Hi Ryuk, I assume your reference to Welda is actually to Nelda WF.

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I GAVE A MAN! The scripts we have suggested so far lack the tone of the anguished and explosive cry for help of this lettering. Note the sharp corners. As a substitute I would use BiffBamBoom by Comicraft http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/comicraft/biff-bam-boom/ The lettering is very successful because it expresses the vigor shown in BiffBamBoom within the frame work of a less staccato treatment of the tops and bottoms of letters. A good project for a font maker.
Somewha similar idea with Piekos FX http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/blambot/piekos-fx-bb/

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