The best places to keep up with current typography

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I'm a motion graphics designer, not classically trained in graphics or typography, but keen to learn as part of the job. I tend to use type for display, headlines, bullet points and logotypes. I never work in print and I tend to use sans-serifs more than serifs. The H+FJ fonts get used a lot.

Every month I get an email newsletter from MyFonts that shows all their latest and greatest faces, which is nice, although a lot of the brush / script styles I would probably never use. But it's not an objective survey of all the best current font design, because not all foundries distribute on there.

Is there somewhere on the web that is the BEST place to stay up to date, without being overwhelmed? Like is probably the best site for motion design. Seems obvious, but I haven't found it yet.

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There are a number of good "best of" lists every year.
My favorite:
The one for 2013 will be coming out any day now.


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