A monotype corsiva twin sister :)

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Hello all,

Please help, I'm looking for the long lost "monotype Corsiva" twin sister :)

I've attached the original letter, the Corsiva example, and a superimposed one.
Please note the letters have been stretched, yes, but even stretched, the Corsiva does not match 100% : the leg and foot are different.

Anyone up for this challenge ?
Sandra :)

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You wrote: "...I'm looking for the long lost "monotype Corsiva" twin sister" "

Long-lost? Perhaps you can elaborate on this -- I have never heard of a "lost" version.

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I meant this in a figurative way :)...I'm just looking for the similar font

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If you're trying to identify a font the best place is here:
or you can click on the "Font ID" link at the top of the page.

EDIT: now in the Font ID forum

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