Help Identify This Sans Serif


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Are you referring to the secondary font on the business cards? That's the only sans serif I see in the pic and the reference image is very small.

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I've incorporated 2 images on top. And yes the secondary font on the business cards!

Thanks Josev

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Close Up
Secondary sans serif font on business card.


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Pretty convinced is completely custom. Anagrama may have started with a 'Didone' but to me, it has been too much modified to positively identify it.
Here's anyway a list of alternatives needing (more or less) customization: PF Regal Display Black, ITC Tiffany Black, Caslon Graphique, Lust, Acta Poster, 4F Model, Carousel, Didoni, Austin Hairline, Grumpy Black 99
Another selection, all "contrated to stencil": Dala Floda (my choice mainly redrawing /R leg and /E crossbars), Caslon Fina Stencil, Sensaway (good option too)

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Thanks for the response but i wasn't referring to the primary logo typeface. Was just looking for the SECOND SANS SERIF typeface (which lists all the contact information)??



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Looks like a weight of Trade Gothic

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