serif old style with small caps

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Possibly custom and from Stone Sans ITC to me.

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close, the broken R is the tricky element, unless its an alternate
the closest I found was Beaulieu...

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This /R doesn't need actually to be an alternate, it could have been edited (and not really hard to do). To me, the real earmark here is definitely not /R but /S and /C and that's why I'm pretty convinced they started from Stone Sans, mainly squooshing it, reworking /R counter, extending /E top bar and adding triangular serifs to left top of some letters.

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Hi Ryuk, your analysis seems plausible. I note the Stone Sans _P_ is already open and looks similar to the _R_ in the image. It's easy to pick up the leg from the _R_ and drop it onto _P_ for minor further editing.


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As usual, excellent observation, Don. To me, that closes the case. Custom based on Stone Sans ITC.

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There is also Ocean Sans (ExtraBold Extended) by Ong Chong Wah [Adobe, 1993] which looks very similar to Stone Sans.
The /R leg still needs reworking but I think the /S of Extra Bold Extended weight fits better to the sample.

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