Lamborghini Emblem

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I'm sure this is a custom job, but I would love any recommendations for something similar.


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Very close: La Macchina by Michael Hagemann [FontMesa, 2001]

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Thanks fvilanakis. But, please let's not end the discussion at La Macchina, because that is actually a free-font based around their other logo. I think the main reason why I'm having trouble is because La Macchina comes up in every search—like Loki Cola.

I'm working on a professional project, so I'm looking for something more polished. Even if it's not quite the same—something with a similar vibe that is more refined would be spectacular.

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The first, obvious font that comes to mind is Magneto.

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There's also Deliscript Italic, Fluidum and FF Tartine Script Black.

On a side note, I think that Ralph Unger's attribution of Alessandro Butti as the designer of Fluidum is correct and Monotype's attribution of Aldo Novarese incorrect.

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Hi Mike, by coincidence I was researching the provenance of Fluidium a few days ago and came to the same conclusion. Note for example that Jaspert, in his _Type Encyclopedia [1970]_ states it is designed by A. Butti.

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