Two Fonts from 60's LP

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Any ideas on these two?

Thanks as always...!


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RECORDED, etc., is Eurostile Bold Extended...

The typeface at the top is very interesting: slab serif top halves mated with Tuscan bottoms. It seems to me that it was either altered by hand from the slab serif base, or it is an obscure phototypesetting face from that era.

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Thanks...! Any guesses on the second one?

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Oh...I see first comment...THANKS...!

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"HANK THOM..." must be Main Strike Fill by Michael Hagemann [2003, FontMesa]

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Nice catch...

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Tuscan Ornate aka Bracelet. Michael Hagemann's revival as Main Strike includes a fill version that matches your 60s LP except for some very minor details.


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You are all amazing...thanks again.

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