help me, somebody. I need this font:

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It looks like ITC American Typewriter (Medium) and I think it has Cyrillic support

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Thank you. Unfortunately, this font doesn't support Cyrillics

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I've seen some of the stylistic elements of your sample in some monospaced fonts such as FF Elementa Pro, but your sample appears to be a variable width font.

Paratype Journal
Paratype Schoolbook
Leto Slab

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Strange case … maybe this is the typeface Secretary by ParaType:
It is similar to ITC American Typewriter. In the 1990s ITC commissioned several designers to design Cyrillics for their library. Some typefaces were released, but others were not, but that’s another story. According to various sources ITC American Typewriter was designed by Victor Kharyk. I could not find a foundry selling it, but maybe you have more luck than I had.

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Sure looks like Paratype's Secretary to me. It has both regular and bold.

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At this stage it might be helpful to do some character set comparisons.
Here is the core English charset from ITC American Typewriter Medium:

Here is the core English charset from Paratype's Secretary Regular:

Note that Secretary is similar but not identical to ITC American Typewriter Medium. In addition to differences in glyph outlines, the x height is lower.
Here are the Cyrillic letters from Secretary Regular:

Are they an exact match with the sample?

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(Open image in new window to see full size). That would be close enough for me. Here is a link to the image above for comparison:

According to the description

The typeface was designed at TypeMarket in 1996 by Sergey Shanovich. Based on ITC American Typewriter of Adobe by Joel Kaden, Tony Stan, 1974.

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where to download a free font?

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Not a free font - from Paratype $25 for one $45 for regular and bold.

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Do you not agree that font makers should be paid for their work?
If someone gives their work away for free, that's nice, but it's unfair to expect font makers to work for nothing.

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