Easy-to-use TTX 2.4 installer for Windows?

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I need a free software tool for Windows XP to edit the family name for some OT fonts and TTX 2.4 seems the ideal candidate for this job.

I've just downloaded the sources file of TTX 2.4 from sourceforge, but installing from source is not so easy...

Luckily, according to the install.txt file in the Doc folder, "for Windows and MacOS there are easy-to-use TTX installers". So where can I download these installers?

Thank you!


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You can find TTX bundled in AFDKO.

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Hi, thank you!

I've just installed AFDKO. If I write "autohint -h" at the command prompt it works, but with ttx I get an error:

C:\Documents and Settings\Bob>ttx -h
C:\FDK\Tools\win\Python\AFDKOPython\python: can't open file 'C:\FDK\Tools\Shared Data\FDKScripts\ttx': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

I get the same error message if I try to convert a font file to xml with ttx...

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It's a bug... after deleting the "py" extension of the file "ttx" in the folder "C:\FDK\Tools\Shared Data\FDKScripts\" TTX works...

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Thank you JanekZ, I've already installed AFDKO. Now I have a question regarding TTX usage:

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